Statement on Hurricane Harvey

The devastation in Southeast Texas is far from over. As of Monday morning, there are predictions for even more extensive rainfall over the next few days. The floodwaters continue to rise. Millions of people have already been affected by the power of Hurricane Harvey, and the numbers will continue to grow over the coming days and months. Our hearts are with those feeling the brunt of the storm and so are all of the resources that the human service sector can bring.

A number of the members of the National Human Services Assembly are already on the ground in Texas and providing emergency assistance to those affected by the storm. Many of our members have affiliates and facilities in Southeast Texas and they, too, will be damaged by Harvey. We know from previous storms that the effects linger for months and even years – not only the financial and physical damage, but the emotional and mental health stress that will require the assistance of the human service professionals found throughout our network.

Sometimes we speak of the metaphorical storms that can batter our lives and necessitate the interventions and supports of our organizations. Today we are facing a physical storm. The strength and resilience of the human service organizations that are always present to build well-being across our communities can be found in Texas today, tomorrow, and ongoing. Join us in supporting their work and in keeping the people of Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

We know most of our members will be providing ongoing services in Texas in the days and months to come. Among our members actively involved in emergency relief services as of now are:


NHSA members, please let us know if your organization is participating in the relief efforts to be added to the list above.